Pre-Deployment Safety and Security Training

On the final day we carried out 4 training scenarios designed to consolidate the training carried out over the past couple of days. Scenario one was an aerial rescue (NPTC CS38) from a mature beech tree on the site and the provision of first aid to the injured climber. Scenario two was a RTC, involving a seriously injured casualty with a fractured pelvis and femur. Once the casualty had been extracted from the vehicle and stabilized, he was transported to the a suitable helicopter landing site using an improvised stretcher and prepared for medical evacuation by air. Scenario three was an illegal roadside check point in which the volunteers learned about how to respond to potentially violent situations. In the final scenario, each team was required to give an interview to a member of the international press.

RTC casualty extracted from vehicle and being stabilised before carried to landing zone for helicopter extraction.


Responders experiencing security threats such as violent robbery, kidnapping and car-jacking.


Responders carrying out an aerial rescue (NPTC CS38) from a mature beech tree on the site